Volunteer/Intern Opportunities and Requirements

Harbours Gate is always seeking and welcoming committed and compassionate volunteers/interns in the following areas:

  1. Fundraising/donor development
  2. Community/fundraising events coordinator and support team
  3. Very limited openings (with restrictions) in youth mentoring and programs.
  4. Adult Community Support Groups
  5. Campus site development/improvements/maintenance


  1. Pass background check
  2. Participate in 30 minute ‘Harbours Gate 101′
  3. Sign volunteer/intern agreement to confirm you can perform at the specified days and times that you are committing to.
  4. Harbours Gate takes volunteer/intern position very seriously and we need those who are ‘all in’ for the Harbours Gate community redevelopment outreach mission.
  5. Any questions or for further information contact Executive Director Tom Garner at 865-679-8610 or email at admin@harboursgate.org.

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