Hallerin Hilton Hill

Harbours Gate grateful to Hallerin Hilton Hill for the on air radio interview May 6 2016. Please listen below.

Luncheon at the Gate. A wonderful and inspirational luncheon at Cagle Terrace on Tuesday, April 19th. Special guest speaker was George Quarles, head football coach of the storied Maryville High School Red Rebels. Mark Packer WVLT-TV emceed with several key testimonies...

Harbours Gate Super Hero’s Book Fair

  DONATE NOW! Support Harbours Gate Kids’ Programs in Lonsdale Knoxville and Louisville, Blount County. 100% of all donations go to books, supplies, field trips, teachers, travel costs for Harbours Gate Kids. To sponsor a child for $20.00 please go to our...

Lonsdale Kids Group

Lonsdale coming together with their kids group. Learning life lessons and how not to follow the wrong path and what it truly means to behave and why its a good thing to listen to your parents. This is a wonderful group with the kindest kids you could ever meet.

Coming Soon

Coming soon At Barnes & Noble supporting Harbours Gate. Fun night to dress up like a super hero and have fun reading. Tons of activities and even a small class to help learn to read. This will be a fun and fantastic event. More to come soon!

More to come

Special thanks to Sam, Kevin, and Glen for their volunteer work on helping us remodel and repair our trailer home. This is where our Maryville Thursday night group, and Sunday Spiritual happens. This has become a home to many and those help with the daily maintenance...