Here is Sandy Williamson signing in and graduating from New Opportunity School for Women provided by Maryville College. This is a great program for women that teaches you job skills, interview training, and help give you the tools to get a great job opportunity. Sandy now has an open job offer right now and will be contacting them soon. So glad to have a partnership with Maryville college. Maryville college will also be providing the “Harbors Gate Basketball Event” to be coming soon.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  11694753_1016050121773778_8081550739672523907_n.     11825194_1027075984004525_8080144376330137161_n11822754_1027134820665308_3672545295860364200_n11811552_1027133120665478_3028754720135818093_n11703373_1026799440698846_1521760677766353036_n11695522_1016050105107113_4649621256859496874_n11694753_1016050121773778_8081550739672523907_n