Harbours Gate Charity Golf Tournament. Had great fun with the teams and everyone who really worked hard on this event. There were two hole in  one chances and two closest to the hole. Very thankful for all the items donated for the silent auction and food. Glad that those who came had fun and enjoyed a great game of golf.                                                                                                                                                                 11168537_1025287357516721_6231140482207727162_n 11141185_1025143770864413_5073335519555859410_n 11214148_1024978280880962_7120395444938408430_n 11235330_1025107437534713_6670795018866506841_n 11800304_1025107467534710_7161690408420105864_n 11781740_1025072237538233_6530322968102246259_n 11760109_1025072277538229_3789097425343007682_n