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    Check out this writeup about us in The Daily Times!

    Watch WVLT’s piece on Harbours Gate!

    The Dialogue with Tom Garner – an interview with the Blount County Chamber of Commerce – download the PDF here!

    Annual Fall Luncheon – “Anything is Possible” Featuring Hallerin Hilton Hill

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    This is a free event, though you are welcome to make an optional donation in advance or in lieu of attending!


    Give Them a Field of Dreams!

    Support sending Harbours Gate Kids and their families/guardians with our annual summer long ‘Field of Dreams’ fundraiser with the Smokies Baseball Organization. All monies help fund Harbours Gate programs and will also help to send youth and families living in distressed environments to a professional baseball game for the first time in their lives! Tickets are $15.00 each and can be ordered here or call Tom at 865-679-8610. Good for any games through end of season. Specify whether you are donating tickets to our program or if you want them mailed directly to you. Excellent for clubs, youth and church groups, etc.

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    New radio interview With Hallerin Hilton Hill now on blog please listen!




    Harbours Gate Announces ‘Give Them a Field of Dreams’ Summer Baseball with the Smokeys.

    smokey 2016

    Help get a deserving youth or adult out to the ball field for a time they will never forget. Tickets $15.00 only through Harbours Gate. Tickets are good for any game all season long. Great for churches, groups, clubs, business organizations and youth athletic teams. contact Tom at 865-679-8610 or email 100% tax deductible. all proceeds to Harbours Gate Kids Programs.


     Harbours Gate Kid’s Group!!!!


            kids 3 kids 4

    Kids sharing the love. They passes out stickers and said something nice and stuck the sticker on you. By the look of those stickers they sure do love each other. This was also a great way to tell them that you need to share love and that they will always be loved by Jesus. They also learned to love as Jesus did which means there is nothing you can do that will take his love away from you but you show people you love them by doing nice thing and also saying nice things. These are a great group of kids and they grow everyday!

    kids 5 kids 6 kids 7 kids 8

    Panera Bread Little Bakers in Training.

    A wonderful event held at Panera Bread where the kids get to bake a French baguette and bagels from dough. They get to go in the back and watch it through the baking process and also get to design a cookie. They revive an apron, a bakers hat, and a certificate stating the finished the Bakers in Training Program.

    A wonderful group for kids to have fun and learn life lessons and good manners. As they must behave to earn points and earn points for a fun prize. They are now working on 20 points ( 1 point a week) to earn the fun experience of Jump Jam. They focus on being nice to each other, sharing, learning its okay to be themselves, behaving in school, and how things that they learn everyday will help them on this wonderful life journey. So far there has been cookie decorating, gingerbread houses, friendship bracelets, and games like apples to apples, and how to eat healthy. We have a wonderful group of kids and wonderful people volunteering to help along with this group.

    Harbours Gate serves as a front line neighborhood, community and inner city ‘peace corps.’ Having served for many years of in programs dealing with homelessness, drug addiction and recovery, founder Tom Garner felt the call for deeper interaction. Instead of waiting for the hurting and struggling to come the existing programs available, Tom had in his heart to take the ‘good news’ of hope and encouragement to the streets and homes where people lived. Inspired by the living  example set by Jesus, Harbours Gate went to the areas where struggling souls were calling for help. We walk with, eat with and abide with all who will invite us in.

    The essential cornerstone for Harbours Gate is building trust. Many of those we serve felt abandoned and unheard. We listen first and foremost. Over time people will know we are consistent and not just occasional ‘do-gooders.’ We are available 24/7 365. By listening to the true needs of those we serve we can better assist in developing and
    implementing specific programs that will facilitate change in any particular neighborhood. We are not reinventing or competing with any other resources. In fact we welcome partnerships and joint efforts with any group and have, after gaining trust, referred many to established programs which can take them further.

    Whether it be food, clothing, medical, employment, educational or personal counseling needs, Harbours Gate stands in the real ‘trenches’ of life’s daily challenges side by side with those we serve. Offering a hand up, love and encouragement to those who seek a better life.